Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Off to Bangkok

Assumption University of Thailand

..To whomever it may concern..

I will be departing for Bangkok at 3.30 pm on FD 3574 from LCCT
a bit nervous as for this will be my first flight after 16 years.huhu.

Going to Bangkok, concisely Suvarnabhumi for
1st United Asian Debate Championship [UADC]
it will be held mostly at Chaleena Hotel and Assumption University
read more about it --here--

To those who read
the main purpose of this post is to ask for your prayers
as of my safety and success

may I learn something beneficial from this tournament
and may I gain something for the benefit of the Ummah

This is my only second tournament after been debating yet for only 2 months
and I'm very nervous.huhu

I really need your prayers!!