Saturday, January 31, 2009


It had been almost a fortnight since my first post. And only today i get to write again. There is this thing that had been wandering around in my brains that i would like to share.

This thing raised up during my conversation with my aunt and other members of the family.Many had question the needs and the effects of boycotting products of certain countries and groups. I have my own oppinion on this. And I do believe many share the same oppinion as mine.

Had we forgotten how the boycott on Danish products after a newspaper made fun of our beloved prophet SAW (in caricature)-results in a loss of billion dollars in their milk-based products business?Some of their factory in other countries had to be closed due to the huge loss.Is that not a good indicator of how the boycott campaign is a succes?

Another event,something more related to the boycotting israeli products,in somewhere(I can't remember the country) in the middle east,some of the famous world brands such as McDonalds,KFC,Coca-cola etc. had to completely close their business in the region after being boycotted by most of the citizens.Are we not proud IF we can do the same?

Rather than questioning,we should be taking actions to show the world,especially the israeli government,that we are hands in hands against them.That is the least we can do-BOYCOTT!Boycott posesses the power to weaken the economy of a country.It is powerful.Boycott is a fearsome weapon.Boycott can be done by everyone.Its not that you will die if you do not consume or wear those israeli products,right?But your brothers and sisters in The Palestinian land that will suffer from it!

Some also say that we should not boycott KFC because majority of its share is owned by Malaysians(Malaysian situation),and majority of its workers are Malaysians.If we boycott KFC,that means we are taking down our own economy and many of us will lose our jobs and have to suffer.This easy to answer.

Regarding the shareholders,to whom the MINORITY of the shares are owned?Is it still not those israelis?Are they completely fools to let us take over 100% of their grand business in Malaysia?certainely not!We should be aware that every francaisee must pay their annual or monthly payment to the francaisor,which is in this case is the israel.You must pay to use their brand.And you must also pay to use their secret recipe.

On terms of those Malaysian workers,is it still not the time for us to help our own country?Is it still not the time for us to stand side by side and to strive together building and raising our own economy?Work for Malaysian companies so that our money doesnt go away!Seems easy right?hehe.But the main thing is not to work for any israel companies.Definitely there are plenty more choices.Make those israeli companies your last choice even if you are dying to look for a job.

Maybe some are not convinced by it.Well then,lets play by the figures.Lets say that the Malaysians holds a share of 90% from the KFC business in Malaysia and the remaining are of those israelis.And the daily income for the KFC francais nationwide is RM1000,000,000.Then,the profit that goes to the outlaws israel is RM100,000.Calculate their income for a month.Its Rm3million!Now,lets say the price of a single bullet used for their rifle is RM1,then its 3000,000,000 bullets fired towards the palestinian civillians from the fund raised by the Malaysians.And from that,how many lives had been killed by US??

As we know,during the previous raid,not even uo to 100 men from the HAMAS army were killed.Up to those 1000++ killed,not even 100 were the so called terrorists by the USA government??Most of them were innocent CHILDREN,WOMEN & OLD FOLKS!

Lets recover some fatawa by Syeikh Yusuf Qardhawi.He had told us that boycotting israeli products is compulsory to all muslims and all muslims must contribute the most that they can.And a riyal for an israeli product is the same as a single bullet used on the muslims in the paletinian territory.Digest that!

So lets STAND UP & STAND TOGETHER againts the real terrorist-ISRAEL!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Alhamdulillah. Greetings to all visitors. Dah lama pun berhajat nak memiliki blog sendiri, tapi tak ada kesempatan.. But today, I have managed to create my own blog! All praises to the Lord.

Why have I been craving for a blog? Because there is too much I want to share with the world! lebih kepada nak berkongsi buah fikiran dan idea2 yg timbul dari pengamatan & pengalaman diri sendiri. And I also do believe that this is a kind of dakwah that is very powerful because there are so many people that loves to blog & read. Anyways, like has been said by Syaikh Khalid Yasin, this is only a substitute dakwah not the real dakwah.

Enjoy reading my posts! And feel free to comment.