Friday, January 23, 2009


Alhamdulillah. Greetings to all visitors. Dah lama pun berhajat nak memiliki blog sendiri, tapi tak ada kesempatan.. But today, I have managed to create my own blog! All praises to the Lord.

Why have I been craving for a blog? Because there is too much I want to share with the world! lebih kepada nak berkongsi buah fikiran dan idea2 yg timbul dari pengamatan & pengalaman diri sendiri. And I also do believe that this is a kind of dakwah that is very powerful because there are so many people that loves to blog & read. Anyways, like has been said by Syaikh Khalid Yasin, this is only a substitute dakwah not the real dakwah.

Enjoy reading my posts! And feel free to comment.

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