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This guy I met, he is a Muslim, just he is not from Malaysia. He is married to a Catholic wife and has been a happy couple since. A very outspoken man with a secular-liberal ideology. Don't ask if he's practising or not, I don't know myself and I don't speculate - I've learnt my lesson. Talking to him will always allow you to learn something about the world, in a funny sense though. Don't ask how, you have to experience it yourself.

There was one time my friends and I gathered around him and he happened to be talking about Islam. I knew it was going to be a good talk - it's always a one sided discussion. But let him talk, I don't mind. I love listening to other people's views on things. We were laughing to all what he has to say. Not that it's ridiculous, but he has this way of conveying serious and logical things in a humorous manner. I'm okay with it but there are some people who gets offended by his ideas and the way he says it. That time, he was criticizing Malaysia and the way Islam is propagated over here anyways - yup, just who would not be offended by this.

This is what he told us;
"You don't need an Islamic state to propagate the idea of Islam. Islam is better spread and more accepted in secular countries. In Malaysia, it doesn't allow revenues for people to really know Islam and you kind off  force people to accept Islam using the constitution. JAIS and JAKIM is just ridiculous. Islam is better off in a non-Islamic state."

He also told us on how he got married to his wife, after which he sought advice from an Imam in his country - and the Imam told him that it's okay. How he was out with his wife on Valentine's Day in Malaysia and JAIS came to him, and he told them off by saying that he is not a Malaysian and doesn't fall under JAIS's jurisdiction. This has nothing to do with my post, but just to give you a big picture what kind of guy he is. He is a nice guy though.

But what I want to refer to is his ideas on where Islam could be spread better. In an Islamic state or a secular country? In Malaysia and Egypt or United Kingdom and United States? In some place where Islamic rights are protected or where Islam is most misunderstood and oppressed?

I've always shared the same view on this matter in a sense.

I always believed that Islam grows faster in a place where it is being oppressed the most, or at least in where the Muslims live in hardships. Just not Malaysia. Where Muslims live in luxury and protection, we tend to be complacent and forgetful. History have shown us this - repeatedly, but we never take lessons from it. Just look at the people of the Ottoman Empire during the fall of the Strongest Islamic Caliphate, how were they? How did they live their lives? How was the governance of the country and it's wealth? We tend to feel satisfied with what we have just because we were not raised in hardship.

Hardship is a factor of success for most community and races. Have a look at the Jewish people around the world and the Chinese people in Malaysia. The Jews were once terribly oppressed in Europe, and had to work hard to gain recognition that they get now. Jews grow to become the media tycoons and the lobbyists that greatly influence the American government as we speak.

The Chinese people lived poor lives in Mainland China before they came to Malaysia. When they arrived here, they were ready to strive and go all out to improve their standard of living. This kind of spirit is what is lacking from us Muslims. We don't want to work hard, we are not that ambitious, and we rather fall back on what we feel is already enough. But we never realize that our future generation might suffer heavily from our complacency.

Now, let's go to the West and see how our Muslim brothers are doing. They are doing great! How's so? The fastest growing number of Muslims is in the West, where people's perception towards Islam is not so good. Islam is labelled bad names including "extremists" and "terrorists", yet the number of conversion to Islam is the highest over there compared to any other parts of the world. And the number increases from year to year. Again, how's so?

It's simply because, the more you are oppressed, the stronger you fight back. The less revenues you are allowed, the more creative you become. The more you are denied, the louder you shout back. The more they try to break you, the firmer you stand together. And where does these trials fall upon the Muslims? In the West! But why does these trials make them stronger and more successful?

"Verily, along with every hardship a relief. Verily, along with every hardship a relief (i.e. there is one hardship with two reliefs, so one hardship cannot overcome two reliefs)" [as-Syarh 94:5-6]

What about us? You want hardship to befall on you before you start to realize how much bounties Allah has given you, but how little you have done for His Deen? That should not be it. Don't wait until Allah takes all these pleasure and luxuries from us as to remind us of our responsibilities. Make use of the great opportunity that lies in front of you - living in a peaceful society, good economic development, fairly good education system, political stability and all other good things. Be thankful for that. A lot other people don't get all these things.

What if Islam grows in Malaysia and you don't have a share in it, are you not at a great loss? There's a lot of ways and channels for us to contribute to the growth of Islam in Malaysia. It doesn't mean that you have to be an Imam or a preacher. Just be a Muslim, I mean, be a good Muslim and then be good at what you are doing. Be a good doctor, architect, engineer and all, and it's already good that way. Why? There's one saying, "Uphold Islam in yourself, Islam certainly will cultivate around you" (Tegakkan Islam dalam dirimu, nescaya Islam akan tertegak di keliling mu).

We are forgetful and we are seldom thankful. Why is it not conducive here in Malaysia for Islam to grow? It's not because of the Islamic state that we are in nor the Islamic jurisdictions that we apply, and of course not because of Islam itself. It's because of ourselves! What we do determines peoples perception towards us, and Islam altogether. And this is our major problem. People look down on Islam, Islamic states and Islamic jusrisdiction - all because of us.

It has always been my belief that Islam and Muslims progress faster and further in places they are being oppressed the most, or where the Muslims live in hardship. And I cannot agree more with the guy we had a chat with. But it doesn't mean that we have to abandon the idea of having an Islamic state and judiciary system. We need it. but we also need to constantly remind ourselves of our responsibilities. Living in peace and harmony does not mean that everything is okay and will continue to be just fine. We need to share Islam with the world, and only then our responsibilities are lifted.

This is a reminder for myself, and those who read. Le't be a good Muslim.

Currently reading "A Doctor in The House". There are some examples that I quote from this book =) A good book to read - if you read it with an open mind of course. 

Friday, August 5, 2011


Dialog 1
Sebuah petang yang hening dan tenteram di selatan Ibu Kota Kuala Lumpur. Sebuah tempat bernama Sungai Ramal Dalam, yang terletak di titk pertemuan tiga daerah - Serdang, Bangi dan Kajang. Daereh yang pernah diduduki hero Malaya - Leftenan Adnan. Di sebuah rumah terrace corner lot yang mempunyai laman yg penuh dengan kehijauan. Sebuah keluarga berbicara ringkas mengenai pokok2 yang ada di laman.

dalam rumah
Ibu : Zubair, tolong pergi siram pokok di luar tu.. Lama dah tak bersiram tu..
Saya : Baik ibu.

Saya(beralih kepada adik berusia 4 tahun) Liyana, jom ikut abang siram pokok?
Liyana : Ok. jom!

di laman luar rumah
(sedang menyembur pokok dengan hos air)

Liyana : Abang, kenapa Ibu sayang sangat kat pokok-pokok2 ni?
Saya : Kenapa? Yana tak sayang ke semua ni?
Liyana : Yana sayang pokok yang ada buah je..
Saya : Yang ada bunga? Yang lain tak sayang?
Liyana : Yang ada bunga sayang juga.. Yang lain tak.. Tadi pun Wak sebelah tu bagi buah kat kitorang dari kebun sebelah sana tu.. (ignore the end part.dah lari topik..)

Perbualan ini membuatkan saya teringat kepada satu kata-kata oleh Hasan Al-Banna;

"Jadilah kamu seperti pohon yang berbuah,
apabila dilemparkan batu,
dibalas kembali dengan buah-buahan" 

Setiap Muslim haruslah menjadi seorang yang memberi manfaat kepada manusia dan masyarakat di sekelilingnya, tanpa mengira bagaimana layanan mereka terhadap kita. Sepertimana juga Nabi Muhammad mendepani pelbagai ujian, begitu juga para rasul sebelumnya. Namun, mereka tidak pernah jemu membawa kebaikan kepada umat mereka.

Andai kita tidak menjadi sedemikian, maka kita akan menjadi seperti pohon-pohon yang tiada buah, yang tidak memberi manfaat kepada manusia melainkan hanya sedikit - atau tiada. Ketidak hadiran atau kehilangan kita pun tidak akan dirasai dan dengan cepat akan dilupakan manusia. Malahan lebh buruk lagi, dibenci oleh manusia kerana kurangnya manfaat yg mampu ditawarkan.

Untuk orang sebegini, mereka haruslah digesa dan digalakkan supaya mencari potensi diri yang mampu memberi kebaikan kepada ramai. Andai merasakan diri tiada kebolehan, maka mencari dan menguasai ilmu sahajalah caranya. Tidak boleh bertolak ansur dengan alasan-alasan yang hanya akan membantut perkembangan diri.

Dialog 2
Suatu petang yang panas di sebuah kawasan jauh di luar bandar. Di satu perkampungan yang penuh dengan kehijaun, di ceruk sebuah negeri yang bernama Pahang. Di daerah Temerloh, di kampung Paya Luas, di Jalan Haji Taib (bukan Lorong Haji Taib di KL ya), seorang cucu dan neneknya berbual ringkas di hadapan sebuah pokok yang besar dan tinggi di belakang rumah.

Di laman belakang rumah
Saya : Nenek, pokok besar ni dah berapa usianya?
Nana : Tua dah ni.. Berpuluh-puluh tahun juga.. Tapi dia dah tak nak berbuah lagi dah..
Saya : Ooo..
Nana : Orang tua-tua ajar kalau pokok yang dah tak berbuah ni, kita kena ugut dia baru dia berbuah semula..
Saya : Ooo..

Nana : (sambil menepuk-nepuk batang pokok) Hey engkau nih! Kalau dah tak nak berbuah lagi, aku tebang kau!!
Saya : =D

Kisah ini bukan dirujuk untuk menceritakan petua warisan nenek moyang. Tetapi merujuk kepada perbuatan mengingatkan pokok tersebut akan tanggungjawabnya untuk berkhidmat kepada manusia. 

Begitu juga manusia, andai gagal memberikan nilai tambah kepada masyarakat yang mereka tumpangi, maka buruklah pandangan manusia kepadanya. Lebih-lebih lagi andai kehadirannya di situ hanya dirasakan sebagai "menyemak" sahaja. Di sini kita harus bermuhasabah. Hakikatnya manusia tidak suka kepada sesuatu yang tidak mendatangkan manfaat kepada mereka.

Bagaimana hendak mengendalikan Muslim sebegini? Mungkin ugutan berkesan juga. Mungkin nasihat lebih baik. Bergantung kepada individu tersebut, kerana setiap manusia berbeza dan pendekatan untuk setiap satu juga berbeza. Perkara paling penting adalah sentiasa duduk bersama orang-orang soleh. Moga mendapat tempiasnya.

Nasihat ini adalah untuk diri saya sendiri.  Semoga saya mampu menjadi pohon yang berbunga dan berbuah, disukai serta disayangi oleh adik-adik seperti Liyana. Memberi manfaat kepada umum tanpa mengira siapa. Sebagai pharmacist, sebagai seorang sahabat, sebagai seorang jiran, above all, sebagai seorang Muslim.

Be a tree that will always be loved forever. At least, as long as you live..

This is an attempt to write in Bahasa Melayu baku. Reading it back, it's boring. BORING!! I think I write better in English.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Pemberitahuan 1: Ini bukan bermaksud saya sudah nikah ataupun pernah nikah.
Pemberitahuan 2: Ini juga bukan notis iklan tarikh pernikahan saya. Ini sekadar tajuk post sahaja. Tajuk pun kenalah catchy ye tak? kalau tak nanti siapa nak baca pulak :P

Mungkin biasa lah agaknya pemuda2 baya saya mula berfikir dan bercakap mengenai perkahwinan. Apatah lagi bila semakin ramai rakan2 melangkah kaki menuju ke dunia baru. Dunia yang lebih indah :P Tapi ianya berbeza kalau sekadar angan2 tanpa niat untuk disusuli dangan plan tindakan. Sekadar mimpi kosong di siang hari.

Sebetulnya ini adalah kesimpulan kepada perancangan saya untuk majlis kahwin saya (note:belum pun tahu bila.hehe) bila saya berborak dgn ibu saya tentang bagaimana saya nak majlis akad nikah dan resepsi perkahwinan saya diadakan. Perbincangan ini mengubah persepsi saya tentang hidup saya.

Saya: Nanti saya nak buat majlis kahwin jauh dari adat Melayu lah. Adat Melayu dah banyak mengarut sangat.
Ibu: What do you mean by that? Break it down for me.
Saya: Tak nak ada pelamin dan tepung tawar. Buang duit, buang masa dan menepung tawar tu kan upacara Hindu.
Ibu: OK. Macam mana nak explain kat Granny yang tu?
Saya: Err.. Nantilah fikir.

Saya: Tak nak ada hantaran kahwin jugaklah nanti.
Ibu: Kenapa pula?
Saya: Bukan adat agama pun. Sekadar adat Melayu yang macam nak menunjuk2 je pun.. Membazir je..
Ibu: Yang itu ibu tak setuju. Apa salahnya bagi hadiah? Kan sunnah nabi tu.. Nanti keluarga isteri pun fikir apa pula..
Saya: Hmm.. Betul juga.. Takpe, KIV dulu lah.. Kalau ada duit banyak bolehlah. hehe.
Ibu: Nanti Ibu pula yang kena marah dengan Nana dan Granny sebab ajar benda tak betul (pada pandangan mereka).

Saya: Nanti majlis resepsi kahwin nak buat sekali je lah.
Ibu: Macam mana tu? Takkan 10 kali pulak..
Saya: Bukan.. Maksudnya sekalikan je lah kenduri belah lelaki dan perempuan. buat setempat je.
Ibu: Kenapa?
Saya: Jimat masa, jimat duit, jimat tenaga. huhu. Lagipun, buat macam tu baru betul boleh mempersaudarakan dan mengeratkan silaturrahim.. Dua2 keluarga pun boleh turun dan saling membantu untuk jayakan satu majlis.
Ibu: Yang tu bergantung lah.. Kalau semua setuju bolehlah.. Kalau dua2 pun kampung jauh2 macam mana?
Saya: Kita buat kat tengah2 lah :P Lagipun letih lah buat dua kali.. Tak minat la..
Ibu: Kita buat kenduri tu sebenarnya untuk diri kita ke kerana meraikan orang lain?
Saya: Err.. raikan orang lain kot?

Saya: Kenduri kahwin nanti tak payah lah buat bising2 grand sangat.. Biasa2 je sudah lah. Kita buat makan2 je lah.. Benda2 bombastik berarak kompang gendang silat semua tu tak payah lah.. leceh la.. Tak best pun.. Tak ada dalam Syiar pun..
Ibu: Memang betul tak ada dalam ajaran Islam, tapi adat tu tak menyalahi syariat pun kan.. One thing that you have to remember is that it's not all about you. Nana mungkin tak kisah sangat. Anak cucu dia ramai dah kahwin, cicit pun dah ada. Tapi you cucu sulung Granny dan Grandaddy. Lagi2 kalau yang pertama sekali kahwin. Kena lah juga ambil kira pandangan mereka. Mereka pun nak kena entertain kawan2 mereka juga..
Saya: Hmm... Ala.. Siapa sebenarnya yang nak kahwin ni...

**Dialog sebenar telah diolah supaya lebih mesra pembaca :) hehe

After all those discussions, I came to a conclusive decission.

Eventhough the solemnization ceremony and wedding reception is my wedding, it's not going to be all about me. It's also about my family - I should consider my Nana, Granny and Grandaddy, my aunts and uncles, jiran tetangga dan semua kenalan. Eventhough sometimes we feel that we need and we want something which we believe is the best for us, it might not be the best for everyone else. So what do we do? We look for middle grounds where we can tolerate each other.

After all, they are the ones that are going to be happy for me.

As for my wedding reception, I think this is how it is going to be. First, I have to go to my grandparents and ask for their opinion on how it is going to be. However, I will be strict on things that are clearly against the Islamic laws. I will try my best to emphasize and explain the importance of following the Syariah and Sunnah. At the same time, it is my utmost priority to do my best to fulfill my grandparents' wishes.

Secondly, I think that I'll just have my reception at my house. The significance is that, in this modern era of living, people don't actually have the time to get to know their neighbours as being more engaged in work and other things. So I would like to help provide the opportunity for my neighbours to get together and know each other eventhough I prefer better my wedding reception to be held at some hall elsewhere. Knowing and caring for neighbours is a Muslim's responsibility right?

Yang selebihnya bergantung lah kepada Ibu Abah untuk tentukan. They are the ones that I really have to consider and they are the ones that I care most for. I'm gonna have to put more thoughts on the other details with reference to them. My future wife has to feel the same about her parents and my parents as well. This after all is the recipe for a blessed and blissful marriage.

Adat bangsa yang tidak menyalahi agama tidak ada salahnya untuk kita amalkan. Bahkan Islam tidak datang untuk menyanggahi adat satu2 bangsa. Islam hanya menetapkan garis panduan dalam amal kita. Selagi mana adat itu tidak bersalahan dengan Syariat, maka dipersilakanlah untuk terus berpegang dengannya. Kepada sesiapa yang tidak suka dengan satu2 adat itu, tiada kesalahan baginya untuk meninggalkan. Tapi sentiasalah fikirkan kepentingan orang lain melebihi kepentingan dan kehendak diri sendiri. We are Muslims and we care for other people.

Kepada rakan2 satu batch, kepada senior setahun masa sekolah rendah dahulu, dan kepada kenalan2 lain yg sudah dan baru mendirikan rumahtangga, moga mendapat Mawaddah dan Rahmah yang telah Allah janjikan kepada anda yang memenuhi tuntutan fitrah mengikut saluran syariat [ArRum : 21]. Tahniah kerana telah berjaya menyempurnakan Half Our Deen. Moga bahagia dan berkekalan. I pray for you and know that I am very happy for all of you. Now pray for me to join club some time soon! :D

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Below is a dialog between me and a friend named Syafiq Musa. He copied a Facebook conversation and sent it to me as a message and asked my oppinion. I hope my oppinion is worth sharing and if I did any mistakes in answering the given question, don't hesitate to correct me.

I try to give my answer as simple as possible since it was intended to answer the non-muslim who was wondering and also to cater to those with less knowledge in Islamic studies. Also, I have done sedikit penambah baikan kepada jawapan asal, terima kasih kepada Ust Syed Syahmi (do visit his blog by clicking on his name).

aku amek petikan ni dr fesbuk friend aku aku xreti nak jwb la..

K** U****u A****n:
interesting...alcohol in 'arak' that is expose to high heat will dissipate, either u use it during cooking or baking, and it has prove through science, and many even learn it during science subject in secondary school..but 'tapai' which clearly is fermented and have alchohol is 'halal' ?????
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A****a Ma: really? it's halal?
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M***e M***m: Tu tapai pulut and tapai ubi. Halal. Errr so?? What is the answer?
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K** U****u A****n: thts the thing..tapai boleh makan, bt when there is cooking (in high heat) and baking (also high heat) tht add 'arak', which dissipate the alchohol and only leave the original substance takleh cos ada arak..errrr... either people are becoming ignorance or just plain stupid. the reason of even add it in cooking is to dissipate all the alcohol and only wants its base substrances, such as if wine its the fruity taste.
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D****l L**w ***g C**e: rum and raisin halal?
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M***e M***m: Rum not halal
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A****a Ma: but it's non-halal rite? alcohol is alcohol rite? Beer kan also fermented? so is it halal?
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M***e M***m: Tapai tidak memabukan maka ia nya tak haram. Air tapai haram sebab memabukan.
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L***a P****a: rum and raisin depends, kalau Baskin Robbins diorang hanya guna rum extract, it's from plant and non-alcoholic, so it's halal...
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M***e M***m: Swensen nya tak bole.
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S****a R****n: Oh goshness. If it makes you drunk. Dont eat it. If it doesnt. Its fine. God just doesnt want us to get drunk and do stupid things. Like kill someone driving. Or beat up your wife. At least thats wot its like in my world.
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F** Y*: to keep it simple ...... according to malaysian muslim understanding .... alcohol is not 'halal' to be ingested as it will make you 'high'. So:
1) after cooking or high heat the alcohol in the food is evaporated and therefore no more alcohol...
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fuhh~ this is a tough question to answer bro.and it needs a lengthy discussion.he who is asking is a muslim or not?

nevertheless,my answer based on little knowledge i have;

Bismillah.Rabbana ishrah lana suduurana,wa yassir lana umuurana,wahlul 'uqdatan min alsinatina yafqahu aqwaalana..


first,a friendly suggestion,if you really need the base ingredients of an alcoholic beverage for cooking,why don't you get the subsequent ingredients can get the ingredients separately.for example,if you want to make milk tea,you can get the tea leaves,milk and sugar,and mix it together with hot can avoid using instant 3in1 milk this case,wine rum etc is the instant tea.if you want fruity taste,get the fruit juice,sugar etc without alcohol.

arak,even if you use a small amount of it and the alcohol dissipates,it is still haram.this is because arak is haram in Islam,so whether you drink it causes you to get drunk or not if taken,it is still haram,even you can't smell it or taste it.consider this example,a drop of chlorine spills into your glass of milk,you will still throw it away even if you don't smell it and can't taste it right?it's considered spoiled.the same concept applies,the arak is still there even without it's alcohol.

Islam did not say alcohol is haram,but islam says arak is haram.whether it makes you drunk or not,or you consume it in very small amount that would not make you drunk,arak is still haram. In context of the Quranic verse, the actual translation of "khamar" is "segala jenis minuman yg memabukkan" (rujuk AlBaqarah:219). So segala minuman yang ada potensi menyebabkan mabuk adalah HARAM.

if you learn chemistry,fruits even have alcohol.ester,which gives the pleasant smell to fruits is a derivative of,the essence of this is that,it is not the alcohol that should be the topic of discussion.but,whether the substances you use or consume make you drunk or not.consider this,hudson's menthol candy,is not haram to eat because the alcohol is weakened and will never get you drunk even you eat tonnes of it.

the thing that needs to be understood is that,it is not alcohol is haram because it causes people to get drunk.but,the drink itself is haram because it makes you drunk.which is,if the alcohol makes you drunk,then it is haram.if another alcohol doesn't make you drunk,then it is halal.any other drinks,if it does not even contain alcohol,but makes you drunk,it is haram.

same concept with drugs,some drugs cure you and some drugs get you high.the ones that cure you are noble,while the other is prohibited.basically,both are drugs.alcohol that makes you drunk is haram,alcohol that doesn't is permitted.a bit redundant here.but i think i made my point.

secondly,going back to tapai,even it contains alcohol,it doesn't make you drunk.there's never a case in which people ate a lot of tapai and got drunk.if that happens,then it will be haram.aborigines in sarawak have arak made of beras.since it is memabukkan,so it is haram.tapai's process of making is similar to arak beras,however tapai does not make you drunk.if you ferment it a bit longer,it will become arak and makes you drunk.and then it will be haram.if you consider this,arak and tapai is of different stages and gives different it is not the same.

i may have put up answers which might be wrong and misleading.please do correct me if it is so.


I hope this is worth sharing.
I also would like to apologize for not posting on this blog for so0 long.. Anyways thank you for visiting and following even though there had been no progress here for about almost a year.