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Below is a dialog between me and a friend named Syafiq Musa. He copied a Facebook conversation and sent it to me as a message and asked my oppinion. I hope my oppinion is worth sharing and if I did any mistakes in answering the given question, don't hesitate to correct me.

I try to give my answer as simple as possible since it was intended to answer the non-muslim who was wondering and also to cater to those with less knowledge in Islamic studies. Also, I have done sedikit penambah baikan kepada jawapan asal, terima kasih kepada Ust Syed Syahmi (do visit his blog by clicking on his name).

aku amek petikan ni dr fesbuk friend aku aku xreti nak jwb la..

K** U****u A****n:
interesting...alcohol in 'arak' that is expose to high heat will dissipate, either u use it during cooking or baking, and it has prove through science, and many even learn it during science subject in secondary school..but 'tapai' which clearly is fermented and have alchohol is 'halal' ?????
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A****a Ma: really? it's halal?
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M***e M***m: Tu tapai pulut and tapai ubi. Halal. Errr so?? What is the answer?
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K** U****u A****n: thts the thing..tapai boleh makan, bt when there is cooking (in high heat) and baking (also high heat) tht add 'arak', which dissipate the alchohol and only leave the original substance takleh cos ada arak..errrr... either people are becoming ignorance or just plain stupid. the reason of even add it in cooking is to dissipate all the alcohol and only wants its base substrances, such as if wine its the fruity taste.
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D****l L**w ***g C**e: rum and raisin halal?
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M***e M***m: Rum not halal
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A****a Ma: but it's non-halal rite? alcohol is alcohol rite? Beer kan also fermented? so is it halal?
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M***e M***m: Tapai tidak memabukan maka ia nya tak haram. Air tapai haram sebab memabukan.
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L***a P****a: rum and raisin depends, kalau Baskin Robbins diorang hanya guna rum extract, it's from plant and non-alcoholic, so it's halal...
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M***e M***m: Swensen nya tak bole.
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S****a R****n: Oh goshness. If it makes you drunk. Dont eat it. If it doesnt. Its fine. God just doesnt want us to get drunk and do stupid things. Like kill someone driving. Or beat up your wife. At least thats wot its like in my world.
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F** Y*: to keep it simple ...... according to malaysian muslim understanding .... alcohol is not 'halal' to be ingested as it will make you 'high'. So:
1) after cooking or high heat the alcohol in the food is evaporated and therefore no more alcohol...
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fuhh~ this is a tough question to answer bro.and it needs a lengthy discussion.he who is asking is a muslim or not?

nevertheless,my answer based on little knowledge i have;

Bismillah.Rabbana ishrah lana suduurana,wa yassir lana umuurana,wahlul 'uqdatan min alsinatina yafqahu aqwaalana..


first,a friendly suggestion,if you really need the base ingredients of an alcoholic beverage for cooking,why don't you get the subsequent ingredients can get the ingredients separately.for example,if you want to make milk tea,you can get the tea leaves,milk and sugar,and mix it together with hot can avoid using instant 3in1 milk this case,wine rum etc is the instant tea.if you want fruity taste,get the fruit juice,sugar etc without alcohol.

arak,even if you use a small amount of it and the alcohol dissipates,it is still haram.this is because arak is haram in Islam,so whether you drink it causes you to get drunk or not if taken,it is still haram,even you can't smell it or taste it.consider this example,a drop of chlorine spills into your glass of milk,you will still throw it away even if you don't smell it and can't taste it right?it's considered spoiled.the same concept applies,the arak is still there even without it's alcohol.

Islam did not say alcohol is haram,but islam says arak is haram.whether it makes you drunk or not,or you consume it in very small amount that would not make you drunk,arak is still haram. In context of the Quranic verse, the actual translation of "khamar" is "segala jenis minuman yg memabukkan" (rujuk AlBaqarah:219). So segala minuman yang ada potensi menyebabkan mabuk adalah HARAM.

if you learn chemistry,fruits even have alcohol.ester,which gives the pleasant smell to fruits is a derivative of,the essence of this is that,it is not the alcohol that should be the topic of discussion.but,whether the substances you use or consume make you drunk or not.consider this,hudson's menthol candy,is not haram to eat because the alcohol is weakened and will never get you drunk even you eat tonnes of it.

the thing that needs to be understood is that,it is not alcohol is haram because it causes people to get drunk.but,the drink itself is haram because it makes you drunk.which is,if the alcohol makes you drunk,then it is haram.if another alcohol doesn't make you drunk,then it is halal.any other drinks,if it does not even contain alcohol,but makes you drunk,it is haram.

same concept with drugs,some drugs cure you and some drugs get you high.the ones that cure you are noble,while the other is prohibited.basically,both are drugs.alcohol that makes you drunk is haram,alcohol that doesn't is permitted.a bit redundant here.but i think i made my point.

secondly,going back to tapai,even it contains alcohol,it doesn't make you drunk.there's never a case in which people ate a lot of tapai and got drunk.if that happens,then it will be haram.aborigines in sarawak have arak made of beras.since it is memabukkan,so it is haram.tapai's process of making is similar to arak beras,however tapai does not make you drunk.if you ferment it a bit longer,it will become arak and makes you drunk.and then it will be haram.if you consider this,arak and tapai is of different stages and gives different it is not the same.

i may have put up answers which might be wrong and misleading.please do correct me if it is so.


I hope this is worth sharing.
I also would like to apologize for not posting on this blog for so0 long.. Anyways thank you for visiting and following even though there had been no progress here for about almost a year.


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