Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ramadhan Wonders

I have always wondered why we are always capable of creating wonders and being exceptional every time Ramadhan comes. But, the moment it ends, and we enter the month of Syawal, everything kind of vanishes into thin air. Why is it so?

In Ramadhan, we are able to recite 1 juzu' (20 pages)  from the Quran every day, but after Ramadhan, to be able to read 5 pages is somehow very tough.

We are able to get up early for sahur and pray subuh on time, in jamaah. But in normal days, we hardly able to notice the calling for subuh prayer - the adzan.

Even the littlest of sins we managed to avoid in this month, but outside the month of Ramadhan, these sins does not even seem to be anything to us.

We are always up for good deeds and all sorts of ibadah, but then again, not in the other months that followed it.

Why though? Why?

Is it because of the incentives? I know that we are there are a lot of incentives for us to do them in the month of Ramadhan. There's the double triple quadruple reward from doing good deeds and there's the Lailatul Qadr night. The Shaitan are also tied away and other stuffs.

But what other incentives do we need other than to attain the pleasure of Allah SWT? Do we not want Him to be pleased with us during the rest of the year? It's a question that we need to continuously ask ourselves.

As hard as it may seem, being able to do wonders during Ramadhan is just a proof that we can actualize it afterwards as well. We just need to make time, sacrifice a bit and get into the vibe! So do not give ourselves an excuse to not continue with the exceptional performance in the following months.

Let's keep ourselves geared up and at top notch performance in these last 10 days of Ramadhan - just as we were at the beginning of it. And let it continue until we meet again in the next Ramadhan.

This post is a self reminder.

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