Sunday, May 3, 2009


Uh. Salam

I have not write for a while. Can't say I'm really busy. But that's the reality. I'm BUSY! The exam is just around the corner, and I'm also sort of "off the mood" for some reasons. Anyway, I was triggered to write this time-by the glorious victory of those of our friends in Smi Al-Hidayah Johor Bahru.

Well, for your information, their debate team had done so great this year and eventually won the first place for Bahasa Melayu catagory of the IIUM Inter-school Debate Championship. Oh. I just wasn't there this year. So unlucky me. Congratz guys! I'm proud to say that I have once met know you guys! hoho. [well, I mean some of you]

Their English team did well too. They won the second place! So it was SMIH JB with a team in both finals! Oho. ah. But I'm not there watching them this year!

This should be a tribute to their seniors which did so much for the school team. You are the ones should be credited the most. So I would like to address my utmost congratulations and highest respect to both my friends whom trained and helped those winners a lot
1. Saiful Islam
2. Daeng Ahmad Saifullah
3. and others behind the team

Eventhough I'm not from the school, but I do feel proud for them as much as their parents, teachers and friends. That is because they are my brothers and sisters too. You've done a great work for yourselves, the school and hopefully for The Ummah. As an ex-student of Al-Amin Bangi, I do feel great for you. Congratulations again.

TRIBUTE! A standing ovation and thunderous applause for you guys!

I just don't yet have their pics right now. I'll upload it as soon as I get it.