Sunday, April 25, 2010


Grand Opening Dinner
CAC Hall

I was given a chance again to go to the prestigious IIUM Inter-School Debate Tournament. This time not as a participant, but as a "teacher".hahah. Given the chance, I'd love to participate again, but in a different category though- English. Formerly I was in Bahasa Melayu debate. Moreover, I can't go far if I stick to BM debating. The furthest I can go would still be Malaysia.

I'd also encourage BM debaters to change to English debating when you hit the University.haha. Of course that only applies if you are good in English or really willing to learn the hard way. It's gonna be very tiring but very aspiring and satisfying. Believe me.

Back to Inter-school, there was a lot we shared amongst us debaters. Seeing them grow is really fun. Husna beat my record during my inter-school.haha. She was on my team in 2007, which she had just started, and was in form 2. I can say she is really good now compared to that time. That time, there was a round which we lost and we blamed it on her, even until now, and the story is still being told to everyone.hahah. But now. she is the strongest link in the team, and she was even named the best speaker for 3 rounds! The most I got during Inter-school was only 2! It's a bit sad Hana couldn't make it. Adam, Haifa and Hanifah did well too.

As for English team, I hope they would do better in the future.haha. I think they performed better during KDU and last year's MUSLEH. I really can't figure out why. Still, they did their best and should be credited for that. Solehah and Najihah still have a lot more years of school debating ahead of them. I just wish that Raihan, Umar and Husna would join me at IIUM and we can debate together as a team.

There are also some naughty little secrets that will not be posted here.haha. There was this guy which we had eyes onto - Tsubasa, who won the KDU. We also happen to know a guy named Ramu Indba *something* which made us laugh off the whole tournament, and we are still in touch!haha. We met and made friends with Al-Amin Gombak, Hidayah JB and Hira' Jeram. We also met those we went against during previous tournaments - Maahad Hamidiah, Seri Ayesha and Aminuddin Baki.

As for the results, I won't display them here. You can ask it from the debaters themselves or read it from their blogs, if there are any post of the tournament. I'll link it here if they post anything related.

Bahasa Melayu team --> Kelab Debat's Blog
English team --> Raihan's Blog

Ust Megat [MUSLEH] + Al-Amin Bangi + Al-Amin Gombak

As for myself, having changing directions into English debate, currently training in IIUM Gombak everyday as a preparation for United Asian Debating Championship [UADC] that will be held in Thailand in mid of May. Just before the semester break ends. I had given up debating for 3 years, and just started English debating for 1 month, it's really tough for me. I really2 need your prayers. I just feel like not going to Thailand for so many reasons. Let's just hope I'll learn something for the benefit of the Ummah InsyaAllah..

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  1. well done! it was reaally fun watching you lot... hehehe..

  2. haven't yet enjoy the fun of debating until you debate yourself.