Sunday, March 28, 2010


[27March] Nasyid Underground 5th gig. It started at 8 and ended at 1.30 in the morning! yeah, nothing could be done. 16 groups performed including Mirwana, Algebra and In-Heart[Akademi Nasyid]. Congratulations to Uncle Nash and the gang for the very "loud" night.
There was a surprise gift for the top 3 performers. Guess what..
1. Frenz
2. Saljuk
3. Eminence

There are videos which I recorded and would soon be posted in YouTube InsyaAllah.
see my channel --> azsb90
Moga semua yang melibatkan diri dalam Nasyid ni terus thabat memperjuangkan Islam melalui medium alternatif.

Dengar cerita Danial pun ada group dia di Jordan..senyap2 je.huhu.

[few days back] Ar-Raid performed with Maher Zain at AUC in Cairo. Just as back up singers though. They were discovered by Maher Zain himself in YouTube. MashaAllah.. Those I recognized performing[what is the word should I use to replace "perform"?] that night includes Muawwidz, Syed Israa' and Bilal.hoho. Tahniah Bilal. Mesti pengalaman yang best..

Nak baca sedikit sebanyak tentang show malam tu boleh la baca post ni --> Syed Israa'

Nak tengok video pulak, sila klik _InshaAllah_ dan _Open Your Eyes_ . Tak nampak sangat muka mereka ni sbb video dirakam dari jauh. Tapi siapa yang kenal mereka mesti dapat cam.
This day is also noted to express my gratitude and appreciation as well as to remember a gift from the debaters. They bought me a book and a key chain from KL International Book Fair 2010, which I will treasure for ever. Thank you.. You really touched my heart. Eventhough my face won't show it.haha. And thanks for the words.. Allah bless you.

-Mlmh Nadia, Basyirah, Raihan, Solehah, Najihah, Adawiyah, Umar, Luqman and others-

Today also, for the first time I volunteered for Friendly Comparative Religion [FCR] as a facilitator for "Bible Studies".heheh. Nice experience. Finally I get to practice my knowledge a little bit. And I would like to promote FCR to everyone. Approach me personally to know more. It will help in strengthening your Aqidah InsyaAllah. Believe me.

[29March] Kembali mengajar Qiraati di SERI ABIM.hehe. Kali ini mengajar Qiraati 5 di tahun 3. Moga saya juga dapat belajar pelbagai perkara daripada semua yang saya lakukan. Rabbi yusahhil.

It is an enjoyable holliday for me with lots of things to do. March is very tiring but very satisfactory for me. Alhamdulillah..


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