Friday, March 5, 2010

"The Kite Runner"

I just finished reading that above novel last night. It's a well told story by Khalid Hosseini with good plots and many cliches. If I was not asked to read it,certainly I won't have read it. Not of genres that I would even consider borrowing. However,when I read it,I find it a bit interesting and made me read to the last page. Here's a short review on the novel;

First thing that came to my mind when I started reading the novel is Umar alKhattab's sayings.. "didiklah anakmu sesuai dengan zamannya.jangan didiknya sebagaimana kamu dididik kerana dia dan kamu datang dari dua zaman yg berbeza". A father shouldn't expect too much of his son and and put pressure on his son to become just like him. At last he will be the one regretting. Then I also feel that the way Islam is pictured in the novel can create wrong assumptions towards the real Islamic teachings to those who don't have Islamic basics.. Beyond that, the storyline was good.

I'm also shocked and felt hilarious that Malaysia is actually mentioned in the final chapter. On the last page if I'm not mistaken. Only a few lines though. And I don't know if it's the truth or just a story.

I don't know if Bilal has another perspective of viewing the story. I always believe that reading the original novel is far much better than watching the movie. Bilal,feel free to comment and to through your thoughts!


  1. What the author says about Malaysia?

  2. hampir2 je nk nace kite runner x terbace plak.heh.
    p/s: thank you for your help.i've completed it!

  3. >>SAYYAF
    the charachter once heard that "Malaysians use kite to catch fish"
    hahah.pretty interesting huh?never seen it being done yet.

    alrite.small matter..

  4. >>SAYYAF

    Quoted directly from the book.not the last page but fifth last page.

    :: "I read once that, in Malaysia, they use kites to catch fishes," I said. I bet you didn't know that. They tie a fishing line to it and fly it beyond the shallow waters, so it doesn't cast a shadow and scare the fish. ::