Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It's a bit blurry.but I think you should be able to figure each of them out.
picture: credits to Sharifah Rabi'atul Adawiyah [not in picture]

It had been a long week for me. Helping my juniors with debate training and becoming a volunteer for Al-Amin's Sports Week. I'm blackened by the sun!hohoh. Moga segala sesuatu yang dilakukan diterima sebagai satu amal di jalan Allah.

We have just finished our first debate tournament this year - Kolej Damasara Utama's Dato' C. Q. Teo Debate Challenge 2010 from 12-14March. To me these Al-Aminians did really great, especially those first timers. It was a great opportunity to grab a learning experience. They really did better than me in their very first tournament and I'm proud of them. If you girls and guys read this, I really mean it, down from my heart.

It was really fun spending time 'hanging out' with you lot. It was like living the dreams I didn't get the chance to when I was back in school.haha. And you guys even made me missed England a lot more.huhu. I hope I can get back there to finish off my Masters Degree and PhD.

Postman Pat.Thomas the Tank Engine.Dennis the Menace.Fireman Sam.our childhood memories.hahahah.

The list of Al-Amin debaters for KDU Tournament:
First Team (3wins 2losses)
1. Solehah Badrul [F2]
2. Umar Abdul Aziz [F5]
3. Raihan Abu Bakar [F5]

Second Team (1win 4losses.ngeh3)
1. Najihah Abu Bakar [F1]
2. Basyirah [F4]
3. Luqman Saiful [F4]

Observers (cameramen and 'loud' supporters)
Khairi Hamim [F5]
Luqman Hakim [F3]
Adawiyah [F4]
Dalilah [F?]
Izdiha [F1]

One thing that really cheered me up despite that many losses is that seeing them growing up and becoming better from time to time. Especially Solehah, Umar and Raihan. Solehah would be the one who progressed the most. Maybe because of the pressure being in the first team with Raihan and Umar.

I believe the other team progressed a lot too. Despite the cries behind the losses and fear.haha. I didn't get the chance to watch them during the tournament as I was with the first team. But what I know is that they get braver and better from time to time. Especially Najihah and Basyirah. Luqman also went humorous from time to time with lots of crazy ideas and speeches during the debate which we will laugh off at during the end of the day. A thing is that Luqman was also once announced the best speaker of the round. Congratulations I guess.

For full First Team results, click here--> Raihan's blog
For full Second Team results, click here--> Basyirah's blog (you must have her permission first)

addition, one girl from Sri KDU B which Team A went against--> Tiffany Khoo

I also believe that we deserve more wins than some others teams. I really feel we were much better than some of the quarter-finalists and we were much deserved to be there. But Allah knows best for sure. I hope we will do better in IIUM Inter-school Debate and MUSLEH International Debate. InsyaAllah..

The KDU Debate Challenge was full of Chinese and Indians and not many Malays around. What impresses me is that they were being very polite and friendly unlike many Malay Muslims. I don't know why. But I think they will make better daies with that kind of attitude. Even though the debate was really heated up, they would come to us afterwards and offer friendship. Not many Malay Muslims would do this I guess. We are much more into grudges rather than brotherhood ties. The time has came for us to forget our egos and to get down with our work.

I pray for a better future for all of us.
And for these great debaters.hope u will never stop progressing.keep fighting!
Solehah.Umar.Raihan.Najihah.Basyirah.Luqman Sr.Atikah.Luqman Jr.Adawiyah.Izdiha.Dalilah.

Err..Thanks to Luqman's perents (Pakcik Saiful & Aunty) for the Nasi Beraiani Dinner.It was great.TQ.May Allah bless both of you.


  1. hehe. u will never know the dare~~

  2. the cries behind the losses and fear??
    the dare will be kept secret..hehe

  3. >>both
    the dare?huh.yela.kids' stuffs right?

    it still doesn't deny the fact that SOMEONE cried..TWO person actually.heheh.

  4. the dare does not count as kids' stuff if umar is included..wait,actually it does.hmm

    so what if we cry,we're girls.guys are worse,they let out anger.

  5. TWO of us huh?? another one on that night??

  6. good to hear Alamin is improving. :)

  7. >>najihah
    yeah2.ok.I dont think everyone is like that though.

    err..I dont really get you..

    yup.from time to time.
    with our support n prayers.insyaAllah.

  8. why is my name luqman jn, i am is still older then most people who went there.oh yeah the dare was asking.........(need permesion from umar and basyirah)

  9. >>luqman jr
    your name is luqman jr because you are the junior luqman la.haha.It's pretty obvious right?