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What do you think? Freaky huh? That is what I think. There are just too many proofs supporting my statement above. Maybe it is a bit sensitive and "[What's the word?? I can't recall!!]".[Found it already-Offensive]. But it is the truth. Why is this happening? Whose fault is it? Is it their fault to practise a more Islamic way of life or is it our fault to not practising an Islamic life? Afraid of the answer? huh? Yes! IT IS OUR FAULT!

The fact that we have to realise is that the reason of why they are practising a more Islamic way of life[certainly, I do not mean they practise it completely. their Islamic life is just a little part of their life. still, they are better than us MUSLIMS!] is not because of their knowledge and researches on Islamic teachings. But it is simply because the Islamic teachings itself is something that is very compatible to human life and is revealed according to humans' nature[fitrah]. And it may also be that they practise it without knowing that it is what Islam tells and urges us to do.

1.Do you know the top three rankings of 'the dirtiest country in the world'?
1. India
2. [I can't remember]
3. Egypt
I'm pretty sure the second one is either a muslim country or a country with a large population of muslims. While the other two are the country with big numbers of muslim people and a muslim country itself. Now, what are the top cleanest countries? The Great Britain? Germany? France? USA[certainly not]? Singapore? Any muslim countries? I don't think so. I can't even think of one. So how is it now? Are we muslims or are they muslims?

I've once lived in England-in Sheffield. I can tell there's a huge difference in attitude between the citizens there and in Malaysia. There, they rather keep their food wrappers in their pockets than throwing it out on the streets[you can see it alot here]. And they do have many bins along their sidewalks and pavements which can hardly be seen in Malaysia. But what really makes the difference is that of their attitude that seems to be hard for us[muslims] to follow. I've heard much disgusting stories of what people in some muslim countries do[I wish not to write it down here].

Itu baru dari sudut kebersihan. Belum lagi saya ceritakan dari sudut lain lagi. Sebelum saya teruskan dengan menulis hasil pemikiran saya yang tidak seberapa berbanding anda semua, saya ingin selitkan sebuah kisah sebagai selingan. Ini cerita yang saya dengar dalam khutbah di tempat saya. Masa khutbah jangan tidur! Fokus!

This is a story of a German muslim. He is a profesor. He came across, learned and embraced Islam from his own reseach on finding the truth. After a few years of his new life as a muslim, he decided to go for pilgrimage[Hajj]. Upon reaching Egypt, this is what he said 'Subhanallah. Praise be to Allah for introducing me to Islam before I was intoduced to the muslims'. That means, he would have not embraced Islam if he knew what muslims are like before he had done his own research on Islam[the deen itself]. Are we not ashamed?

2.I often see too that a couple[husband & wife] is not afraid nor ever ashamed to express their love in front of their kids. You can see this part in movies. I don't see this as a retorical agenda nor hypocryte. I don't think a kiss is something offensive for kids. They sure can understand it as a symbol of expressing love between their parents. But I dont know if the muslim scholars have different views on this one. Inform me of it if you know anything.

On the steets you could see them[the couples] walking holding hands,hands in hands evenafter their retirement age[old ages]. Why cannot we see this happening in Malaysia? It is all because of traditions and perceptions. It is being put in your head to see it as something akward and disgusting. Right? Let say, there happen to be in the streets an old couple walking holdings each others' hand. What would you say? "eww.disgusting.dah tua-tua pun nak menggatal jugak.sedar la sikit diri tu dah tua." Frankly, it happen to be the opposite in the UKs. It just seems so normal. Is not our religion teaches us to love each other to our death?

Atau kasih sayang itu hanya ketika muda dan berubah hanya menjadi tanggungjawab tika sudah tua? Mengapa tidak kita seperti mereka? Siapa yang betul sebenarnya? Mungkin juga ini kesan daripada kahwin paksa yang diaturkan oleh ibu bapa atau pihak-pihak tertentu tanpa persetujuan si anak? Itu pandangan peribadi saya sahaja. mungkin banyak lagi faktor lain
I think that's it for now. I would like to write longer but I don't have much time. Maybe I'll continue later. I would like to write more on the way they spend their time with their kids, recreation centres, education and neighborhood.

This is just based on my thoughts. Human's thoughts could be correct or wrong. Mine also could be right and might also be wrong. Therfore I would really appreciate your comments. =)

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  1. mm..stuju sgt2
    aku bce entry ni byk kali pn x bosan
    sbb tu mmg realiti
    ttg cara hidup org islam zmn skg
    sgt2 x nmpk keISLAMannya
    lg2 kt mesir ni,astaghfirullah
    sabo jela...

    psl express love ni pn aku stuju 300%
    kte prlu tunjukkn kasih syg kte,
    bkn sbb nk tunjuk gatal atau apa
    cume dgn cara ni insyaALLAH hubungan kte ngan smua org xde biar kne cara la nk express tu,jgn smpai tmbulkn slh phm sudah ^_^
    mtk maafla zubair,terlebih pnjg lak comment nye..hehe~ teruskn usaha..gambatte^_^